Dale Adams is a fine jewelry designer who has a feel for the subtle textures of pearls and how they can be brought together in elegant and unique patterns. This passion has taken over her life in a very positive, creative and fun way allowing her to bring her vision of beauty to the market to share with you.

Dale’s passion for creativity has been building since childhood where her creative ability began in making clothes and when she designed and built her home. Later in life she had a career in designing new kitchens and bathrooms for her clients. Over the years she began to look for more elegant ways to express her creativity and exploring other avenues to share her ideas. On a sunless day after all the leaves on the trees had fallen, she ask herself “What can I do that will really demonstrate my inspirations, release that spark in my life and allow others to enjoy what I create?”


Adams Fine Pearl Jewelry has been created to have women experience the delight of looking lovely, being lovely and enjoying lovely each and every day. Wearing a unique styling of fine pearl jewelry today and every day can create a delightful sense of beauty. The wonderful feel of pearls on your skin is sensual. The properties of any pearl enhances and illuminates your skin so you look radiant.

Pearls have been a traditional string of jewelry for many generations of women. Famous women like Princess Di, Coco Chanel, and First Lady Jaqueline Kennedy, First Lady Abagail Adams are all know for wearing strands of pearls. Traditions are a part of our lives. Isn’t it time to create new traditions with the ways we look, appreciate colors, wear clothing and embellish yourself? Won’t you celebrate in being that distinctive, joyous, attractive person you really are?

Pearls are such a unique jewelry they are not only for special occasions, but appropriate in the office, after work gatherings and just a simple fun girls luncheon. There is not limitation on age for wearing Adams fine pearl jewelry since the designs are for today. Pearls are timeless, classic and should be updated to reflect your taste and life style. The little black dress is a part of every woman’s wardrobe and has been for years, hasn’t it been updated? Update your pearl jewelry to have that same timeless quality. Adams fine pearl jewelry because “Radiance is Every Woman’s Purpose”TM.

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